Monday, March 5, 2012

Count Your Blessings

I decided to make today a NICU day even though we were with Elise Saturday and Sunday. Something about holding my baby girl makes me want to be around her all the time! Due to the newness of the CPAP machine, I haven't been able to hold her since Saturday, but I'm hoping she stays strong and we get some more mother/daughter bonding time soon. I would say..."doctor's orders," wouldn't you?

Not only is the CPAP machine doing well for Miss E, but her feedings are going great as well. By Wednesday (her one month birthday...can you believe it?!), she will be completely off the TPN (nutrition through her IV) and on fortified breast milk only --yeah! She will be receiving the appropriate amount of milk for her age. Hopefully, she will start putting meat on her bones! Everyone in the Raynor/Olsen family has meat on their bones...come on sister!!

Since she is getting increased feedings daily, the doctors said she really needs to give us a big #2. Her urine output has been excellent, but the other end is lacking, shall we say. Before we left her last night I had another "talk" with her about going #2. All women have issues, but 24 days, sister?! Whew! I know you will feel better afterwards....make Mommy and Daddy proud. ha!

To my surprise (but great delight) I changed her diaper at 11:00 today and found a complete "blow out." (Moms, I know you are with me on my lingo!) Little Lady even had to have her linens changed! That's my girl! So glad she didn't drop her weight either....she is still at a beastly 1 pound 13 ounces. Growing, growing, growing!

If you would have asked me one month ago if my life was focused around poop, I would have laughed at you. One month ago I still had 3 months left to my pregnancy.  I was far more concerned with buying little girl clothes, making sure my 4th graders turned in their homework and paid attention to everything I had to teach them, and spending quiet nights/weekends with my husband while we eagerly felt Little Lady kick inside my belly.

I've learned a hell of a lot in the last month, but I've especially learned you must always be prepared for life's curve balls. We sure got one thrown at us a month ago. I knew my life would center around poop SOMEDAY (Come on, admit it mothers; it happens), but I figured it would be in May with a healthy 8 pound newborn living in our home. Little did I know that my life would center around poop 3 months earlier with an almost 2 lb. preemie who lived in the NICU and was "here" but certainly not "home."

Could things be better for us? Why sure. Re-read the above paragraph for a "better" scenario that I would snag in a heartbeat. However, could things be worse? Absolutely. With the recent horrible tornado disasters just 30 miles south of us, I can't help but think how lucky we are even with our current situation. I have a home, an adoring husband, a car, money to put gas in my car, and I have a beautiful daughter who continues to excel and surprise us everyday with her strength, attitude, and dedication to life.

Not all families in southern Indiana can say that tonight.

Counting Our Blessings....
G & J & E

Day #2 on CPAP! 


  1. Amen! Great post! Beautiful perspective and I love the little orange bow!! Congrats on "poopie" diaper time today! She is coming right along just like we all knew she would...God is soooo good...all the time! Love the reminders for us all to count our many blessings! Goodnight Olsen family xoxo

  2. She sure is listening to mommy a lot lately... all this peeing and pooping... what an obedient little lady she is!!!

  3. So glad so continues to do well! We are continuing to pray! Give that girl a kiss for me.