Sunday, March 25, 2012


Prior to our trip up to the NICU today, I attended church for the first time in about two months. As we often stay overnight on the weekends when we visit, and I have worked the other Sundays, this has been my first opportunity to finally get back and see our church family. It was very nice to get back, and it was even more wonderful how much support and love our church family has for us and our Elise. It was an uplifting start to our day!

We arrived in the NICU today and were greeted by Gretchen, one of Elise's primary daytime nurses.  She updated us to the fact that Elise was doing quite well, although she had managed to pry off her CPAP and blow it at her eyes for several moments, and would be ready whenever we liked for her first bath!  Similar to diaper changes, I can't say I usually take part in any of the bathing of the little ones under my care.  Although I was very excited that Elise would be able to get her first bath (really more of a spit bath), I relinquished this honor to her mommy so that I could get pictures and video of this exciting event.

What are you guys planning on doing with that tub of water?

OH NO!  I see where this is going...

Whew! All washed and diapered back up.

Following Elise's first cleansing, the proud father of the squeaky clean little girl was very happy to be able to hold her for his longest period yet... A little over 1 1/2 hours!  I still have yet to hold her as long as her mother, but I find that Elise seems to handle her mother's gentle touch a little better than her father's... I'm sure that's a temporary issue and doesn't really amount to anything ;-)

One happy and beaming Papa!
We had a long but very beautiful day with our tiny treasure.  She continues to thrive on the CPAP-- even if she hates it and continually tries to escape out of it.  She tolerates being held quite well, and the nurses have commented that this is a good sign.  Her Neonatologist today felt that she will be able to wean again soon on the CPAP, and that the only current concern is that the hat she wears for device seems to be making her head circumference a little below par-- but she will catch up.  Also, we found that our little girl is continuing to "pack on the grams" and has gotten herself up to 2 lbs 8 oz with the help of her mommy's breast milk and fortifiers.  We continue to hope that she sails as well as she has and quickly reaches the goal of 4 lbs so we can get our little angel home!

Nothing better after a long day than a kiss from my mommy!

To the end of a long but wonderful day,



  1. This is SO exciting! I just love this joyous bath/daddy holding blog today! Elise is certainly blessed with a wonderful momma and daddy as well as the team there at St Vincent's! She is a spunky little Tiger already and we absolutely ADORE and LOVE her!

  2. Beautiful post full of exciting news and hope for all the great posts to come! 2 lbs. 8 oz...she is growing, growing, growing! God's blessings are rich! Congratulations on being wonderful parents!!