Sunday, March 4, 2012

Testing...1, 2, 3?

We stayed overnight in Indianapolis so we could spend all day today (Sunday) with our little lady. Last night before we left the hospital to head to the hotel, Elise was having some more apnea episodes (aka "I'm not going to breathe right now aaannddd I'll drop my heart rate too"). We figured she might've worn herself out being out of the isolette for 3 hours while I held her. Regardless, we hated to see her having these episodes. She was on low ventilator settings, so she could not take shallow breaths and expect to keep her sats up.

It was a wonderful day yesterday when I got to hold her. We were hoping for another great day today so Daddy could have his turn....but....

When we rounded the corner today, we got ANOTHER surprise. Little Lady was on the CPAP more ventilator!! Once did this happen? Wasn't she having some episodes last night? I wouldn't think they would graduate her to the CPAP if she was dropping her sats on the vent?

Once again, here's what happened before we arrived:
Dr. Maylock was watching all of her apnea episodes on the vent last night and thought her breathing tube might be getting too small for her (as she grows, she will need a bigger tube). Instead of replacing the tube, Dr. Maylock ordered for the CPAP and said, "Let's see if she can do it."

The CPAP makes little Elise do all the work. It will give her oxygen through her nose with slight pressure to keep her lungs inflated, but Elise has to show us her "rockstar" qualities and breathe on her own.

Having our daughter off the ventilator is definitely something to cheer about AND fear slightly. Of course no one wants to see their child with a breathing tube down her throat. However, in a strange way, the vent was comforting to me. Every move Elise made was documented AND supported by a machine. Now, she must show us that she can do "her thing" and breathe on her own. --little scary for a Momma of a 29 weeker. It is my prayer that she does "have this" and can show us her stuff! I'm also comforted by the fact that she continues to be watched ever so closely by all her nurses and doctors.

Luckily for everyone, the vent is still on "standby" right by her isolette since the next 24 hours will be a trial period for the CPAP. If Elise starts dropping her sats and doesn't bring them back up on her own, they will probably move her back to the vent. I must say, you almost see less of Elise's face on the CPAP than compared to the vent. But hey, no more breathing tube. Yeah!

Fortunately, Gretchen, Elise's day nurse, snagged some great pictures of Elise before the switch from vent to CPAP. We've never seen her full face! Here she is! 

"Oh, paparazzi, not now!"

"Ok, fine! Here is my face!" 

"I surrender! Take out my breathing tube!" 

The best part about Elise being on CPAP? We can hear our daughter's cry for the first time :) She sneezed today and it was sooooooo cute! We are ready to hear that cry....let it fly Elise!
Some baby girls get big bows to wear...I get a space helmet! (That's ok, I know I'll get bows as soon as Mommy gets permission!) 


  1. Great news!! Love her pics and your cute! We will continue to pray for more " big girl" moments :)

  2. One more step forward!! I love the pictures of her sweet little face!! She is a beauty!!! Love, love, love that little nose and those sweet little hands. I am praying still for her each and every day. Looks like all the prayers are working:) The captions you wrote under each picture are great!

  3. Wow--CPAP!!!! You go, Elise!!!! Will be praying that this transition goes as smoothly as possible...and that Elise keeps showing her docs and nurses those "rockstar" qualities!