Saturday, March 17, 2012

When Beauty Blossoms

A couple of days ago I posted about the nurses always commenting about Elise's beauty. I asked Elise's night nurse if nurses give all babies compliments or if the nurses were being sincere to Elise. As much as Karrie, the nurse, thought I was nuts, I felt the same about myself. As a teacher, I don't compliment parents unless it is warranted. Why would the nurses be any different? The more I ponder questioning the nurses, the more I pondered WHY I questioned them.

Two days later it hit me. Up until now, we haven't made Elise's beauty our top priority. What we have made as our top priority are the doctor's faces, the nurse's hands, and the monitor's numbers. When arriving in the NICU on most days, we get the update from the nurse before we ever lift the curtains of the isolette and coo at our little lady. Sadly, this has been our reality since February 8th.

When I finally caught on to so many nurses complimenting Elise's beauty, I a was honestly taken back. What do you mean? You aren't talking about her numbers or the machines she is hooked to or when the doctor is going to come speak to us? 

I came to realize I was being a medical mommy rather than a mommy. Now, I make it a point everyday to appreciate her beauty that is blossoming right before our eyes. Her cute nose. Her beautiful eyes and the excitement we get when she opens them for us. Oh, and her looks like it could have some curl to it. How fun will that be?? Mother and daughter curls.

It was so wonderful to get to hold her again today. G and I discussed that today might have been the best holding day yet because we got to cradle her and stare at her beautiful face. Don't get us wrong, the skin to skin is wonderful in its own right, but getting to stare at her face while watching her take her big girl breaths is beyond amazing. Today, I noticed for the first time she has teeny tiny eyelashes.

Before we left for home today, we stopped off at the NICU for our "night cap." I always feel so good leaving her on the nights Karrie has her. It's like leaving your child with the best (most skilled) babysitter ever! Of course Karrie brought Elise a little holiday treat.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

P.S...We didn't tell Elise that she actually has a garter on her head. "if the garter fits, wear it?" (I think her father disagrees already). HA! What can I say? It was a dollar at Target.

G & J & E


  1. We are so blessed to be grandparents of this wonderful little sweetie!

  2. What a sweet nurse you have! You are definitely blessed.

  3. Those little hands are so precious! She IS a beauty! She looks very happy to have mommy and daddy cradling her...she is growing quite beautifully...God is sooo good!