Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love

Our visit to the NICU today was initially a little daunting because we had not only had a new nurse, but she also had a orientating nurse with her.  Unfortunately, we have found the days to be challenging when we don't have one of Elise's "primary nurses"-- they don't know her, they don't know us, and it just creates this awkwardness in the atmosphere that often makes our visits less enjoyable.  Our initial visit this afternoon was OK.  We got Elise out a couple of times to hold, but she really wasn't waking up well enough to feed.  The highlight of our afternoon was when the orientating nurse was trying to show me how to put the stethoscope on Elise's heart so I could listen-- we definitely got a laugh out of that one!

Somewhat defeated with just an "OK" afternoon, we went off to dinner to come back to just a wonderful evening spent with Elise!

I'm just so happy to be with my mommy and daddy! Look at that SMILE! 

Amy, one of her primary night nurses, was on, and the atmosphere was instead filled with excitement and joy as Elise was wide awake and just an utter delight!  We started off by getting her changed into a nice little evening dress, and then the night just got better and better...

I'm all ready for a night on the town... Or at least an evening out of my isolette.

Once she was all dressed and ready, we were able to get Miss Elise to lay in her mommy's lap and take a bottle.  She had previously been able to take about 4 mL of her mommy's milk when feeding from the bottle, but tonight our little piglet took in a good 7 mL!

Daddy, are you watching me chow down on my bottle?

Like a good little angel, our Little Lady wanted to say her prayers before going to sleep.  On this Good Friday, Elise said a special prayer...

"May I continue to develop and grow so I can go home with my mommy and daddy soon."

We absolutely loved being able to enjoy Elise tonight.  It was certainly a taste of what it will be like when she is home and able to be held and loved at will by us-- and that moment just cannot come quickly enough.

-G & J & E 


  1. What an absolute JOY! She is so cute ~ beautiful smile! I can't wait til she can come home!

  2. I cant stop crying :) and keep staring at these miraculous beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl!!! Love you!!!

  3. She is absolutely stunning... in her beauty as well as her strength!! Thank you both so much for sharing your pictures and your journey. She is simply amazing!

  4. LOOK AT HER!!!! These pictures are absolutely beautiful!! Elise really knows how to spend "Good Friday" doesn't she? What a personality!! Just beautiful!! May God continue to pour our His blessings!

  5. Oh my goodness! Jessica, she is Sooo sweet! I love her evening dress and her little hat...I wouldn't want to put het down either! Such a pretty little lady :)

  6. What a precious Good Friday outstretched folded hands picture. All are beautiful! Something especially inspiring and telling about her prayful moment on such a day of salvation. She's simply stunning in her evening dress.