Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling the Blessings

We have had so many blessings this weekend! I've been chomping at the bit to blog all day long. Let me just say it is SUCH a wonderful feeling to have so many back-to-back great days. We have always known we've been blessed throughout our very trying journey, but these last few days of being around so many family and friends have been a wonderful reminder for us. We are on the last leg of our journey to bring Elise home....and we can certainly feel everyone's love and support.

Our fabulous weekend began Friday when Ami and Grande arrived from Milwaukee! On their way south to Seymour, they met us at the NICU to see Elise. Mind you, Ami and Grande had not spent time with Elise since she was 3 days old. They rushed to Indianapolis for Elise's unexpected birth, and then returned to Milwaukee to unexpectedly experience a medical scare with Ami's heart. Once Ami was healed and well rested from her open heart surgery, they both were extremely anxious to get a chance to see all the progress with their sweet grand baby.


Grande changing his first diaper! 

"Hi Grande!" 

After a great visit Friday with Miss Elise, we all traveled home to Seymour so we could get ready for my second baby shower, which was a brunch on Saturday morning at Debbie's lake house. I couldn't get to sleep Friday night because I was so excited for this shower! I'm so grateful to have these 3 hostesses in my life. Peggy and Debbie are like mother mentors to me and Rebecca has been one of my closest friends since childhood. We are like sisters. Yummy quiches, fruit salad, and sweet doughnuts were served along with an adorable cake from Take the Cake. I was blessed to have 26 girlfriends come and spend the morning with me! Love you ladies!!

 Elise continues to do well! Dr. Maylock placed her on 2 bottles of 5 mL's per day. Slowly but surely she will increase her intake with bottles. She has downed both her 5 mL bottles daily, while wanting more! Her oxygen levels have been awesome as she is on 2 liters of the vapotherm. Regular nasal cannula here we come soon!

It's days like yesterday and today that help you put your feet on the ground and make that drive to the NICU day after day and KNOW that we will be home SOON.We can't wait to be with our strawberry tomorrow....

Feeling blessed,
G & J & E

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