Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Rainin' Men!

Nothing like being held by some of the leading men in your life! 

Since Elise is now on nasal cannula, she can be held by more members of her family than just Mommy and Daddy. We know both our families are chomping at the bit to hold her, so we are thrilled we can now slowly invite more people to open up their arms for our tiny tot. Last week, Uncle Jordan got to hold Elise, even though she was still on CPAP. She can't wait for her Uncle Matt to squeeze her too! 

We know Elise's uncles are already wrapped around Elise's finger. That happened the day we announced we were expecting. So, we couldn't resist to place this onesie on our registry. We were thrilled when we received it as a gift at our first shower! 

Inside the heart it reads: cool, hip, funny, successful, hot, generous...
*contact info available upon request

Another leading male in Elise's life is her Grandpa Phil. This coming Tuesday happens to be my dad's birthday. We decided to surprise him by arranging for him to hold Elise today for his very first time. Elise placed a sparkle in her grandpa's eye the day she came into this world so quickly. That sparkle only grew brighter today. 

My grandfather, Don Davis, passed away in 2004 when I was only 21 years old. I was very close to both of my grandparents, and I wish I had them in my life for much longer than I did. However, I will always cherish the childhood moments I had with them. Anyone who lives in Seymour has probably heard and/or knows my grandparents quite well. They were truly special people that left a lasting impression on my life as well as many others' lives. 
Grant is very blessed to still have his grandfather, Leroy, in his life. A grandfather is a mentor, a comfy lap, and a reminder of the roots of a family. We know that Elise will grow up looking into her grandpa's eyes with the respect and love that we have felt for our own grandfathers. 

Elise's grandpa said it perfectly today as we were heading to dinner- "We can't wait for the day when we can hold her with no wires, no gloves, and no gowns… that will be a beautiful day!"

Other leading men in Elise's life: Don't feel left out...your time is coming soon! Elise will always wait for you with open arms. 

G & J & E 


  1. I enjoyed seeing my brother with his precious granddaughter.

  2. Beyond words! Grandpa loves his little tiger!