Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Nursery Awaits!

We posted "Underway!" with photos of the nursery under construction a little while ago. As of last Thursday night, all the work on the nursery is done (minus very minor details). All we need is Elise and the nursery will be absolutely complete! We are very happy with the end product. I find myself going upstairs at times and just standing in her room looking around; picturing Elise laying in her crib and me choosing outfits for her to wear from her closet. Even though Elise will stay in our room with us when she first comes home, it's hard to imagine (but very exciting) that this room will be hers for years to come! 

scrabble letter idea is from Pinterest...the numbers spell out her birth date 02-08-2012
the iPhone camera is by the closet door (cord still needs to be taken care of). We can move the camera and hear audio from our iPhones (this was a Daddy project!)

personalized rug from 

signs from zulily and flower dresser knobs from eBay

chandelier from Walmart online

this wall art spoke to me...especially with Nana Lisa always on my mind

all of Elise's books from the gender reveal party on 12.23.12 

Too bad Elise will have nothing to wear...

Inside the closet ~ the shelf and wall space will be for her NICU scrapbook pages and her itsy bitsy "firsts" (first blood pressure cuff, first bottle, first pacifier, etc) 

Every teacher's daughter must have a chalkboard!
Letters/Numbers were white and I painted them to go with the bedding

The excitement continues....

Miss Elise hit FOUR POUNDS last night! She also took an entire feeding straight from a bottle for me. When Dr. Pyle called today with his update, he said we will say goodbye to Vapotherm tomorrow and Elise will go on regular nasal cannula. He also wants to see her take more and more of her feedings from a bottle. 

We continue to keep a realistic frame of mind and know there are still some steps to take before we place her in the car seat and head home, but we pray that these strong days keep heading our way. 

G & J & E 


  1. LOVE this nursery Jess!! So excited she is FOUR pounds!!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful nursery!!! You did a great job, now you just need that sweet girl there!! I took Fenugreek and felt like it worked a little bit. Hang in there, it can take awhile to kick in! :)

  3. Congrats on the 4 lb milestone!! :)

    The nursery is adorable, SUCH a great job!!! Lucky girl is already a little fashionista based on that closet! :)