Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Capturing Our Normal

Several weeks ago, we received a fabulous gift from one of Grant's medical school buddies and her family. It was a gift certificate for a professional photographer from the Indianapolis area to come capture a day in the life of a NICU baby.

Joni Streit is absolutely amazing! (www.streitphotography.com) Due to the MRSA regulations with Elise, I had to ask Joni to put on the gown and gloves. I hated to ask her to do this, but she shot her camera for over 45 minutes with all the garb on, never complaining once. She was at complete ease and so were we! A HUGE thank you to Joni and her incredible work! We've posted some of our favorite pictures from the session. These were taken on 5.2.2012 when Elise was approximately 4.5 pounds. Enjoy!


Dr. Pyle happened to stop by during the shoot :)
We are forever grateful for everything the doctors and nurses did to keep our baby girl alive.  Miracle Makers. 

I didn't know I was capable of loving this much. 

Sleep baby girl, sleep. 

To have someone so dependent on us...we are blessed beyond words. 

We. Are. Family.

We've come a long way...Daddy's ring used to fit up to Elise's elbow.
Now it fits over 3 little toes. 

No doubt that she is loved. 

We can't wait to leave behind all the wires and cords.

Daddy's Girl she is...

Those eyes....those EYES.  

What a story these eyes can tell...

For many days those tiny fingers didn't grasp on to anything.
Her touch means the world to us. 

Elise continues to improve during the last leg of our NICU journey. She now weighs FIVE POUNDS, THREE OUNCES! She is on 1/4 of a liter of nasal cannula and still sitting at room air (21%). Her bottles continue to go well...she slurps them down and gives me a look that says, "More Please?" Elise's nex tdoor neighbor, Abby, was discharged today. I felt bittersweet while rocking Elise and listening to the excitement in Abby's parents' voices as they were given final instructions for their preemie baby girl. I'm sure they are home by now soaking up parenthood in their home. We cannot wait to be doing the same!

Continuing Forward,
G & J & E


  1. Oh Jay! You and Grant will be hearing those instructions really soon! God is SO good! Your baby girl has been struggling for so long to come home - this is finally soon to be a reality! I am so happy - JOY is awesome!

  2. Such beautiful pictures...what a great way to help document your journey:-) Simply lovely!

  3. Just got chills. So happy to hear she is so BIG! I cannot WAIT to meet her. EEEK! Love you girl. xoxox