Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tell the World I'm Coming Home!

106 days....15, 000 miles on the car....

We started on February 8, 2012....34 days on life support. Daddy's wedding ring fit on Elise's upper arm. Weighing in at 1 pound, 4.5 ounces.

17 days on CPAP....still so tiny.

Comfortable on Vapotherm...3-4 pounds.

Peaceful 5.5 pound baby with NO respiratory support.

On Friday, March 25, 2012, Elise Diane Olsen will be discharged from St. Vincent's NICU in Indianapolis!!!! 

The car is packed! Diaper bag is ready! Car seat is securely in place (a BIG thank you to Chris Hughes for coming to our home and making sure we had it latched into place!)

We are so excited to make this post! What a journey we have been on...but now we get to face a happy journey that we have oh-so-longed for since those cold, scary February days. Our family. The 3 of us. Blessed beyond words.

We're Comin' for ya Elise!
G & J & E

P.S...We can't wait to introduce Elise to everyone who has prayed for her and wrapped her up in love! However, all three of us will need a few days to get comfortable with our new surroundings. We ask for your heartfelt patience and understanding while we adjust to life at home with our sweet little lady. Once Elise is ready, we will let you know a good time to come love on her. She certainly loves to snuggle! 


  1. Yay, I am so excited for you guys as you get to finally take your baby home!! Good luck settling in at home, can't wait to see pictures of her in her crib in her own room!

  2. So very excited for you guys! I just can't get over how much she's grown and how wonderful she looks. Thanks for letting us in to share your story. Elise has so many family, friends and strangers who are going to be keeping an eye on her for a very long time :

  3. So delighted you're coming home, Baby Elise! Take your time getting settled in and comfy!