Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sleep Tight Mommy, I've Got This

When I made my routine call to the NICU last night before I went to bed, I was slightly taken back by the nurse's update. She told me Elise had been extremely fussy. Nurse Maria had tried everything to soothe her, but had no luck. While she's asking me if I have any calming tips, I hear my daughter wailing in the background. As much as I tried to tell myself that she "is with a babysitter tonight," I felt awful inside. If she were 30 minutes away, I would've thrown on some slippers and driven straight to her. However, she was 90 minutes away and it was 11:30 at night. I hung up with the nurse and had a very uneasy feeling inside. This was a time that being so far away really, really stunk. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well with the replay in my head of Elise's wail.

I should have called Maria to get another update at 2am, 4am, and 6am when I would awake and think about Elise crying. However, I would talk myself out of calling and convince my body to sleep a little more.

God had a lesson for me. Once we arrived to the NICU this afternoon, Maria left a message for me with the day nurse:  Jessica, Elise fell deep asleep 15 minutes after we hung up last night. I wanted you to know that she didn't cry all night long. 

Like all mothers, we worry. But our children are usually saying, "Ma, I got this." I HIGHLY doubt I will never worry again, but as of today, lesson learned.

As a person can imagine, we couldn't wait to get up to the NICU today after church. It was so fun for our friends, the Fallis family, to see and hold Elise. Suzi had been up with me last week, but Shane, Shelby, and Sadie had not seen Elise since she was a couple of weeks old.

Big stretch! 

Tuckered out in Sadie's arms

Like baby, like babysitter :)
Its hard work hosting visitors....

During our night cap, we wanted to give Elise another bath! I made sure to stop off at Walgreens to buy some Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. Hands down, there is NOTHING better than the smell of a J&J baby!

Our little monkey on the scale....4 lb. 7oz!

Tomorrow is a big day: we get to start 5 mL bottles again with the thick, thick milk. After this coming week of trialing bottles, Elise will have another swallow study next week to determine if she is handling the thick, thick milk. Then she will be weaned down slowly so that (hopefully) she will go home on breast milk only. We appreciate all the prayers as we attempt to take a step forward this week...

Today, we were reminded of the immense amount of progress our little lady has made in little less than 3 months. Another one poundish baby moved into a NICU spot close to Elise this afternoon. Dr. Ben Saad and many nurses worked hard to get he/she ready to thrive. All the beeps and lights, the little black glasses on the baby to shield the light, and the sound of the damn oscillator were enough to remind us from whence we came. Those eyes above speak to us and say one word: MIRACLE. 

G & J & E 

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