Thursday, May 10, 2012

Following This Yellow Brick Road

Elise continues to impress us with each new passing day! Maybe she has hit that stride that we've been praying for; after all, she's 39 weeks gestation today. Dr. Ben Saad has increased her feedings to 20 ml's three to four times a day. She is LOVING her bottles! She always wants more and cries after she sucks the last drop! It's amazing how a baby will react when the milk she swallows is NOT going down her trachea.

Lovin' my honey-thick milk

As for oxygen requirements, she is on one liter of Vapotherm, but has sat at the lowest percentage (21% = room air), so Dr. Ben Saad plans to move her to one liter of nasal cannula tomorrow morning.

The eye doctor came by for his weekly visit this afternoon. He said he continues to see improvement week after week. Yeah! He also told us that he has a satellite office in Greenwood. This will be a nicer future option for us than Carmel. Once we are home, Elise will need to continue her appointments with him. He said right now it is still too sketchy to say whether or not Elise will have eye issues when she is older. We asked about glasses in school, lazy eyes, cross-eyed, etc. Once she begins seeing him as a full-term baby, he will most likely be able to answer our questions. However, eye glasses are the least of our worries. We are just thrilled that her eyes are making progress week after week.

"Don't worry Momma and big brown eyes are going to be just fine."

We just left our muffin after our night cap time. It's amazing how she is filling out her preemie clothes. No more baggie outfits for our gal! Are we surprised she is 4 lb. 12 oz. now?! I guess if we ate molasses twice a day we'd become chubba wubbas too.

I see a chubby chin!

We are enjoying this yellow brick road that God has laid for us. However, we continue to pray for no more set backs. Our next "trail" MUST be home to Seymour. Soon. Very soon.

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto---
G & J & E

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