Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slow but Steady!

We had SUCH a good day with our little lady today! The eye doctor did his examination before we arrived this morning. Her retinas are now in zone 3, moving along as they should. He continues to see improvement every Thursday. Yeah!

As for feeding and growing…Elise is doing just that. Her feeds are still on the pump over 90 minutes every 3 hours. Dr. Pyle wants no bottles until Monday. At that time we will try 5 ml’s of the honey thickness milk and see how she does.

After a few days of a stagnant weight, Elise gained 40 grams tonight. That puts her checking in at four pounds, six ounces. As Aesop wrote, “Slow but steady wins the race!” … the weight race that is.

Elise still battles with reflux, but it is getting better by the day. Her fussiness has greatly improved and she is more herself lately. I would be fussy too if I had milk going down my trachea! As much as we want to see progress, this week of ‘rest and relaxation’ is actually giving us progress. It is funny how we, as humans, have a tendency to push, push, push to see desired results. When we step back and take a breather, sometimes that is when we see our progress. There are so many lessons to learn as parents. This just happens to be one of them.

Our favorite time with Elise is definitely our ‘night cap’ time at 8:00. There is something about putting a baby to sleep that ends your day perfectly. Tonight, we got to give Miss E a bubble bath…check out the bubbles! (I would be a little scared too if I had bubbles the size of me!)

As you can see from the next video, she sure does enjoy her bath time!

And of course, she adores cuddle time with Mommy and Daddy…

I love belly time on Mommy! 

Hi, Daddy! 

Thankful for the blessed day,
G & J & E 

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  1. She is SO cute! What a delightful baby girl... she is being lifted up to the Lord in prayer every time we think of her - which is all the time! I can't wait to hold her!