Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Brain is a Beautiful Thing!

Happy 3 weeks to Miss Elise today! I sure can't believe it's been 3 weeks, so I'm sure you can't either. A routine thing each Wednesday is for Elise to get a repeat head ultrasound. If you remember back, when she was 1 week old, we found out that she had a grade one head bleed. A grade one bleed hardly ever has long term effects and therefore, the doctors never fret over them (grade 3's and 4's are different stories...). But no parent wants to hear their child has any type of head bleed...let alone the grade.

When Dr. Maylock called today to give me my update she said, "Good news...Elise's repeated head ultrasound came back NORMAL. That means the grade one bleed RESOLVED itself." I was speechless. She might have even said, "Are you there, Mrs. Olsen?" ha! Isn't it funny how quickly we can process not-so-good news, but it takes us a few seconds to process really good news? This WAS really good news and wow, it gave me a great lift today! The brain is a mysterious, yet beautiful thing! So thankful for the surprising, yet great news today.

I got to call Daddy on his way home from Milwaukee to share this wonderful news with him. We are soooooo proud of our little lady!

Speaking of Milwaukee, Elise's Ami is a fighter as well and improving everyday! She came off the ventilator very smoothly last night. She will be moved out of the ICU tomorrow. Nausea and pain come in waves, but she handles them like the strong woman she is! Grant was so glad he could be there with both Ami and Grande. I am so glad he went as well. Elise knew she had to be on her best behavior, and she sure was today.

Today was my "at home" day. Last week, my wonderful colleagues pitched in and got me the teeniest, tiniest preemie clothes for Miss Thing. I couldn't wait any longer...

I know it may be several weeks until we can dress her, but I just had to get those tags off and start washing! As I type, all the clothes are nicely folded and ready to head up to the NICU tomorrow. It was so FUN to wash and fold clothes today...very different than how I feel about doing laundry on any given weekend for the adults in this house- ha!

My favorite! Pink leggings?! LOVE! 

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