Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just a Short OB Appointment...

How did this all begin, you may ask? Thursday, February 2nd, I had a routine OB appt. at Schneck in Seymour. I took my best friend Suzi along with me so G wouldn't have to stop his day and after all, Suzi and I were heading up to Greenwood to register little lady at Buy Buy Baby after the "quick" appointment. 

My appointment was at 9am with Dr. S. As always, patients weigh before. From my December 23rd to January 20th appt. I had gained only 2 pounds, so I figured from my Jan. 20th appt. to this day (2 weeks) I would have maybe only gained 1 pound? Try 22. Also, during my Jan. 20th appt. I did a 24 urine test and it came back with 252 mg. of protein. Dr. S was not worried with this number. Preeclampsia begins at 300mg. She said I would probably repeat the test, but she was pleased with 252. 

On Feb. 2nd, the day of our "quick" appointment, I did a spot urine check and it said my protein level was well over 300. Not a good sign. My blood pressures throughout my pregnancy were always borderline high, but on Feb. 2nd my BP was 150/110. If this was my only symptom, I would have just been treated with high BP meds and probably put on bed rest. However, with the protein in my urine, high blood pressure, and the rapid weight gain Dr. S was very concerned. But Suzi and I were still going shopping...

You know how the doctor usually takes a while to get to the examining room after the nurse checks all your vitals? Dr. S met me at the scale. We immediately did an emergency ultrasound to check little lady. The amount of fluid looked a little small, but other than that, her heartbeat was great and so was she. 

I walked back to the examining room and heard Dr. S say "please page Dr. Olsen." Ok, really not good sign...
Dr. S was very to-the-fact with me and told me I would be admitted to Schneck overnight to be monitored for high BP and another 24 urine test. She said IF I get to go home to bed rest, I was definitely done teaching the rest of the year. If the urine test was high, I had a very good chance of being shipped to St. Vincent's Women's Center in Indianapolis and had a high risk of delivering my 25 week baby within the next couple of days. 

Whoa. This was starting to really scare me. My biggest shock was "I had felt fine and felt like I had a wonderful pregnancy" (which means my body was adjusting to those high BP's and the ridiculous amount of weight gain). I was realizing that all of this was serious and I needed to "get my head in the game." It was hard. 

I was wheeled to the OB floor of Schneck and started the 24 hour urine test. BP was going higher as I laid in the bed at Schneck. "Try to relax." Such an easy thing to do, right?? However, I knew this urine test was going to pull through with a low protein number and I would get to go home to bed rest and try to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy while cooking little lady several more months. 

The next day, the urine test came back at 2600mg (remember: it was 252mg two weeks prior?). Yikes. Grant had already looked up the lab and told me right before Dr. J came into the room. I was devastated to say the least. St. Vincent's ambulance was on their way for me. 

I had time to think and pray in the ambulance...again, I had to get my head into this game. I had a very good chance I was going to be a mommy to a micro-preemie in the matter of hours/days. This was NOT how I saw my pregnancy going. No one prepared me for this. I had a wonderful pregnancy so far (so I thought) and I was full-time teaching and carrying on with life 24 hours prior to all of this happening. God, where are you? And Mom, where are YOU? Please help your daughter and most importantly...PLEASE help your precious granddaughter. You know how bad I wanted this pregnancy (so did you the day after G and I got married- ha!) and I can't bear losing YOU my mother a year ago this month (February 20th) AND losing my unborn child. WHERE ARE YOU? HELP ME. PLEASE. 


  1. J I can't imagine what you all have been through. Elise was ready to meet y'all and she is definitely showing you how strong she is. We are praying for you and your family. I check FB all the time for your updates and share them with lance. Glad you started the blog and you'll be glad you have this to document your journey.

  2. Jessica! I LOVE THIS BLOG!! Thank you for sharing!! I love how Elise Diane Olsen looks on the heading of the blog page...that little star to dot the "i" in her sweet! We are always praying!

  3. Oh Sweet Love! I'm crying over here! Wow! I absolutely love Miss. Elise's blog! I absolutely can't imagine what you and G have been through thus far. What an amazingly crazy birth story Elise is going to have to share with the world! :) Always Praying and lots of love! Ash-

  4. I just read your posts from new to this one. I too am a mother to a micro-premie. Olivia was born 3.5 months early, 1 lb 7oz and 13.8" long. I understand everything you have said in each post and feel every emotion you are and have gone through. I will be keeping beautiful Elise in my thoughts and prayers!! :)