Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love Today!

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to say, "I love today!" Today was one of those days. We got to the NICU right after lunch to say good afternoon to our sweet pea. As always, when we arrive, we throw down our coats, lift up her isolette cover and let her know that we are there and how much we love her. When we went through our routine today, Elise strrrrrretched her little legs and arms out and took in a deep breath. Our hearts melted. We were off to a good start on this cold Monday. We also heard the nurse say "You've got mail!" Several cards had been sent to the NICU by family and friends. How nice to open them and read them to Elise.

She says "thank you" and gives a tiny thumbs up to all of you :)

The doctor came right over and told us how she and her team were so proud of Elise. She had a wonderful blood gas this good that they got to turn down her oscillator! She is still making great wet diapers and continues to lower numbers that need to be lowered and raise numbers that need to be raised. When listening to her heart, the doctor heard no murmur, which is a good sign. Wednesday is the day she will get her heart ultrasound to re-look at her PDA. The doctor gave us a small chance of hope that it could be small to medium instead of large (it was large when they looked last week). She also said if her kidneys continue to improve, Elise could be a candidate for the medicine to close the PDA rather than having to bear the surgery. Regardless, the medicine and/or the surgery is very hard on these preemie bodies, but I have a strong momma intuition that Elise will remain a "tough chick" for us!

During hands on time at 2:00, Daddy got to change his first diaper with a little guidance from Donna, her nurse. Mommy got to take some wipes and try to get some little crusties off her mouth and eyes. She is SO close to opening those eyes for us! Elise did not care much for the wipes. It killed me to keep wiping so I really wanted to coddle her afterwards. The nurse showed me how and Elise immediately stopped frowning and became very relaxed. Ohhhh the best feeling! 

Mother's Love

Daddy's Touch

My favorite moment to the day? I've been trying to get her little fingers to wrap around my pinky finger. So far, she's been under so much sedation that her feet have been sensing my touch, but not her hands. Today, I tried again. She dug those little nails into my pinky finger and held on tight!! I just let the tears flow. Down my face and onto my sweatshirt. I am in love with this little lady. If she had the strength, I would have let her turn my finger blue!

After having such a wonderful hands on time we needed to grab some things for the condo before heading back to do a little laundry. We were walking into Macy's at the Castleton Mall and going up the escalator when I grabbed G's hand and said "I love today." We both smiled really big and said how much we were blessed by today's series of events: news from the doctor, her stretching when we said good morning, G changing her diaper, and her squeeeeezing my finger. Next big step will be those beautiful eyes opening to take a look at this world :)

If we think our hearts have already melted, I think we are in for a lot more melting (hopefully not Wizard of Oz style...) with our little miracle lady. As she improves, hands on time will go from every 6 hours to every 4 hours. So many things to look forward to! Our situation could always be worse. It could always be better too, but it could always be worse. We will roll with God's little blessings each day.

Looking forward to hands on time at 8:00 tonight.


  1. Jess, this post brought tears to my eyes! God is great! She is a fighter. Love reading the great news. Prayers continue for all three of you.

  2. What a great day indeed!!!!! Thanks for all the updates. Continued prayers your way

  3. I am so happy that you all had such an awesome day! Elise is so blessed to have such wonderful parents, and you are so blessed to have such a miracle baby! I look forward to your updates everyday and you never fail to make me cry! What a blessing you have been to so many in such a small amount of time, Miss Elise! Praying for a great 8:00 family time! Prayers continue!

  4. Because you have loved today---we love tonight. We both sat down to carefully read your blog when we got home from work half an hour ago. And then we read it again! What wonderful news your little Valentine has created!
    It was difficult to be away from you guys today. You were constantly on our minds. Keep that wonderful news coming...
    Hugs and kisses from your Ami and Grande.

  5. I love this post and I love these pictures!! So glad you had such a great day!! Sweet little Elise...we just keep on praying and we won't stop!! Thank you again for this awesome blog, it is such a blessing to stay connected and know how to focus our prayers plus we get to celebrate the "I Love Today" days with you!

  6. God is good...all the time....God is good!

  7. I say a prayer for sweet baby Elise every night...I am a friend of Becky and daughter and Becky have been best friends since grade school...i love reading your daily updates on Elise...I just know that everything is going to be ok with Elise...God has a purpose...You both are very strong...

  8. You know every time I read one of your updates, I keep thinking the same thing.. "my cup runneth over." My cup runneth over with joy, love, and awe for ALL 3 OF YOU!! You, G, and Elise are shining examples of God's love in it's purest form, and I am so proud and happy to be able to share in this with you guys! LOVE YOU!!! Kisses(and finger squeezes) to that niece of mine! :)

  9. Tears at work AGAIN! haha. Love this post Jessica. Love you!!!