Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lily White

It was the night of Jess' initial hospitalization at Schneck, when we were just beginning to get of sense of how precarious this pregnancy would be, that I would spend my last night with our sweet white boxer, Lily.  

Lily entered our lives soon after the passing of Lisa.  We had talked for some time about getting a dog, and we actually had both wanted a boxer as well. Boxers are pretty popular in the Davis family, and I had a roommate in medical school who had a sweet boxer.  It was with the passing of Lisa that Jess' desire to have someone to be with her and keep her company during my stints at the hospital that we happened upon our sweet Lily.  She had wonderful parents before us, but they needed to give her up, and we were very lucky to be able to bring her into our family.

This is our first picture of Lily as we drive her home-- the harness lasted approximately 5 minutes...

After bringing Lily into our lives, we noticed several interesting characteristics about her that made her just completely endearing to us.  One of our favorite things is her "mouse tail" (see below)-- Boxers will often have both their ears and tails clipped for hygiene, and her tail clipping looked like a little mouse.  We would joke when she would get excited about the little mouse that would "wag" back and forth!  Lily also had a bizarre way of laying down...

Lily was so wonderful for us because she was so well behaved.  Her only real faults were that she gets excited when company comes over and wants to jump up and play with them, she would occasionally vomit her food up because of her sensitive stomach, she would occasionally whine, and she would come bounding from outside when we let her in like a speeding train.  She was actually very good about not getting up on furniture... Well, except when her mother would sometimes let her cheat...

Lily and her cousin Paganini 'Pag'

So, it was actually after that first night that Jess stayed at Schneck that I brought up that Lily may not be able to stay with us... At that time I was imagining that Jess would be on bed rest, and it would be difficult for Jess to care for her throughout the day if she was essentially confined to the bed.  We were trying to figure out a way to still make it work when the protein in the urine and worsening preeclampsia made the decision for us.  We love Lily, and she is a wonderful dog, but she simply cannot be happy and thrive in a home where her mother and father are running back and forth to Indianapolis, abandoning her almost every other day.  We also began to fear what might happen when Elise comes home. We just didn't feel it would be fair to Lily when we couldn't spend quality time with her.  We feared her accidentally injuring our delicate Elise.  Ultimately, we knew that she would be so much happier with her new family...

It is with heavy hearts that we have given Lily to our friend Kristin and her wonderful family to enjoy... Three children who just love and adore her (funny story-- Kristin's son cut Lily out of our Christmas card we sent them to keep in his room).  We will miss you Lily, but we know you will be happy and well loved!

This would be the infamous Christmas card!
G & J


  1. awww that must have been hard to give her away! But looks like she is happy with her new family! :) She is such a cute dog!

  2. Oh, I know it's so hard...but time will maybe bring another Davis Boxer to you! All my prayers! Lucy Ann