Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Little Cupid

We continued to be blessed with good days for Little Lady Elise... and especially blessed today with her 1st Valentine's Day!  She has been tolerating the oscillator well, doing well with just a little bit of oxygen, and continues to have good blood pressures and urine output.  The neonatologist said that her numbers continue to improve, and the hope will be to stop the hydrocortisone medicine that is being given to replace the hormones that her body could not make initially.  She gets a little "worked up" when we have our hands on time with her, but much less so than the other day.  We change her diapers, take her temperature, and help change her linens, and we were very encouraged to hear from the nurse that most parents will not participate in a baby this small.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Miss Elise.  A head ultrasound will look for any sign of brain bleeding, and if normal, will pretty much tell us that brain bleeding will not occur-- and that will be a great relief! In addition, she will have a follow-up heart ultrasound to examine her PDA.  The neonatologist has said that she no longer hears a murmur, nor has she noticed the telltale signs of a significant PDA at this time, but we are very much hoping that it will be closed or nearly closed.  If this is the case, it is very likely that Elise will be able to be started on small feedings with Jess' milk and another great hurdle will be overcome.  We remain very hopefully and definitely very blessed.  Elise has so many wonderful admirers, and we continue to draw strength from this support.  ~Elise's Daddy

I must write a little about our Valentine as well! I am so so proud of her! Her progress makes living in this scary new world a little easier. Everything around us is new...new digs, new body, new life, new little lady. None of this we expected for another 3 months. However, we are rolling with it as best we can. Her strength and attitude (and good updates from her nurses) have us saying "bring on another day." 

Tonight we got to have dinner with our Fallis family and let Sadie and Shelby see Elise for the first time. The pure hearts of both girls made our hearts melt. You could see the utmost love and concern in their eyes when they first got a glimpse of our little lady in her isolette. We loved Elise meeting 2 of her future babysitters! 

We know Elise's prayer warriors will be thinking of her tomorrow on her big day. We are forever grateful. ~Elise's Mommy

Here are a few pictures from today's 2:00 hands on time. Uncle Jordan got to take Elise's temperature. Uncle Matt will get to help Elise Friday night...she can't wait! 

So serious...

Daddy, I have a wet diaper! 


  1. The Albrights will be sending up prayers for good news tomorrow from Elise's head ultrasound and her follow-up heart ultrasound. I have faith God is going to continue to pour out His blessings.

  2. You two and your positive attitudes and mountains of strength are such an inspiration! We love your posts and continue to pray for Miss Elise and continued strength for both of you! Such a special little family! God's Blessings! Hope you have another Wonderful Day today as she continues to improve!
    Cori (Boas) Vaughn

  3. I am seriously one proud Auntie over here! Will be praying all day today for little lady Elise's tests to go well! LOVED that you had such a great Valentine's Day with her! Can't wait for more updates! Love you!

  4. Way to go, Elise!! She's quite the little champ (and lady)! Praying for positive results from the head and heart ultrasounds today!