Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pretty In Pink

In full disclosure, I was on the "team blue" side of our gender reveal party. I saw those little legs kicking on the ultrasound and just knew that it must be a little Olsen boy cooking up in his mother's tummy... It would appear that I was a little off:

Since the discovery of a little lady Olsen growing instead of a little gentleman, I have certainly had small moments of panic thinking ahead to the slew of outfits, the inevitable onslaught of suitors (provided that she gets her mother's looks ;) and {gulp} a wedding that I'm sure I should be putting aside $$$$$$ for this very second.   Yes, until just this last week, these would be the concerns that would consume this father's thoughts regarding the emergence of this little lady-- these thoughts, and how to try to minimize the burst of pink that would also need to be contained...

However, these above concerns have quickly given away to much more pressing concerns with the very early entrance of Elise into this world.  Suddenly, the prospect of closets full of outfits (Zulilly anyone?), suitors, weddings, and {gulp} even (and especially) pink seem to be just trivial.  Suddenly, this father doesn't mind these things-- because they will all mean that Elise will be living well and can enjoy the outfits, the future wedding, and the pink.


  1. I was sent over here through AV at Long Distance Loving and just wanted to say this is a very touching story and you both are in my prayers. I wish you the very best and hope that things are okay with your daughter.

  2. Oh how I loved your video and know we're praying every day and night!!! :) Hugs, Ash-

  3. This video gave me goosebumps! I love to sheer excitement that is on your faces! As I have continued to read all of these updates, I go from smiles to tears to at times completely sobbing for you and then back to smiles! I know I don't know you Jessica, but I have worked with your husband for quite a while. I am seeing a completely different, wonderful side of what I already knew was a wonderful person and doctor! I am continuing to pray for all 3 of you. May God continue to let Elise do well and for you both to have the daily strength that she needs! And I am absolutely praying for the PDA to CLOSE!!!! Thank you for the continued updates! I pass on what I know to everyone who is pulling for The Olsen family....of 3!!

  4. Alright you crazy kids, I just started crying at work. That is the SWEETEST thing I have ever seen!!! Love you all!