Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Divide and Conquer

Whew. You know the classic saying, "God doesn't give you more than you can handle?" God is sure giving our family His full load.

Today was a NICU day. Daddy and I got there and found out that Elise was having a good day! They found NO infection so they discontinued the antibiotics. Therefore, they resumed feedings today. They also started some caffeine through Elise's IV today. It's just like the caffeine you and I drink. It is to help her stop the, "I'm not going to breathe right now" moments. It will also help give her a "boost" so she can hopefully graduate from the oscillator to the conventional ventilator very soon.

We sent our daily update to all our friends and family so they could celebrate in this good day with us. We get a text back from Elise's "Grande" in Milwaukee that says, "Elise's "Ami" woke up with chest pain and sure enough has 95% blockage in one artery. They tried stenting it, but they weren't successful. Therefore, she was heading into emergency bypass surgery."

Elise's Grande and Ami are two of her grandparents that just adore her and rushed to Indianapolis to be with us when Elise was making her debut. They are very healthy individuals that are always watching what they eat and exercising when they can. Grande's text came as a big shock.

Grant and I just stared at each other as we read the text again. Can anyone say "Hello God?! Can you stop picking on us, please???" Grant immediately left the NICU area so he could call Dave and get the details. After hearing Dave's voice, Grant felt the need to drive up to Milwaukee. Of course I wanted to go with him, but my usual one-hour commute from Seymour to the NICU is many times too far for comfort. Going 4 hours from Little Lady was just too risky. Grant completely agreed...

 We decided to divide and conquer this next stumbling block in our lives.

Grant left around 2pm to drive up to Milwaukee to be with Ami and Grande. I stayed in the NICU with Little Lady and asked a major favor of my fabulous girlfriend Rebecca. She finished work in Seymour and drove up to Indy to pick me up and return me back home. Love you Rebecca and a HUGE thank you goes to you!

Ami's surgery went as scheduled. Afterwards, she was moved to the cardiac ICU so that Dave and Grant could be with her. She is currently working to come off the ventilator and heart balloon. She will have quite a bit of recovery, but was very happy to see Grant. Then of course asked him, "Why they hell did you leave Elise?" Divide and Conquer!

Grant told Ami that part of her recovery will be slooooow stroller walks with her Little Lady. Elise told me tonight that she can't wait!

Love to our Ami and Grande....
G & J & E


  1. God definitely gives us more than we can handle. He just gives us the strength to get through it. Prayers your way for Ami and Miss Elise

  2. Okay, Jess! I have got to stop reading these posts in the morning...or at least I need to read them before I put my make-up on;) This one has the tears rolling down my cheeks. Happy things, sad things, unexpected things, all in one day! It just leaves me speechless to think of the strength you and Grant have during so many twists and turns in your lives. Divide and Conquer...it is a beautiful thing to do! I love that Elise lets you know what she's thinking and can't wait for long stroller rides with her Ami. She looks so precious and beautiful next to her pretty brown and pink fleece! I love you! Prayers continue all the time!! Everywhere!! Even when my nails are drying at the nail salon...I bow my head and use that LONG 20 minutes to pray, pray, pray! :)